102nd Intramural Boat Race Held

June 12, 2015

On Thursday, May 28th, the 102nd Intramural Boat Race was carried out at Toda Park in Toda city, Saitama Prefecture.This is a school-wide event with more than a 100-year history, in which new students and exchange students mainly participate, and students form teams based on their major languages and areas.
This year, 385 participants from 77 teams raced a 300m course in a 5-man boat, and a total of 34 races including “Hagyou Race (Male/Female)”, which literally means “Master’s works”, were carried out.

Some students wore original T-shirts as uniforms and participants who dressed up in costumes, which gave the boat race a festive atmosphere. In the “Hagyo Race” held at the end of the event, the audience cheered the players on, running parallel to the boats. The event was a big success. 。

The results of the 102nd intramural Boat Race

Event: Hagyo (Male/1000m)

Ranking Team
1 The East Asia 1
2 v
3 Korea

Hagyo (Female/500m)(500m)

Ranking Team
1 Portugal
2 Japan
3 Germany

Match (Senior students)

Ranking Team
1 Gambare Rokunensei
2 Tanpopo-gumi feat. Charincho
3 Onnani Nigon ha Ne! Sandome no Shojiki

Match (Freshmen and exchange students)

Ranking Team
2 Eurasia
3 Tr1st!

The footage of the race is streamed at YouTube:TufsChannel