Movie Director Bahman Ghobadi Attends Talk

June 9, 2015

On Wednesday, June 3rd, movie director Bahman Ghobadi attended a talk held in room 226 in the Research and Lecture building.

Ghobadi has consistently directed movies about the Kurdish problems. He was based in Iran which has strict strains on film making. However, after he directed “No One Knows About Persian Cats” (2009) for which he didn’t obtain permission from the Iranian government, he was forced to leave his home country. “Rhino Season”, which will be on screen from Saturday, July 11th, is the first movie he made after he fled from Iran. The movie will be shown in Cinemart Shinjuku and other theaters.

In the talk, a trailer of “Rhino Season” was played and Ghobadi talked with journalist Ichiro Omura. After the show, the director chatted with TUFS students in Persian.

Director asking to the audiencer
"Does anyone speak Persian? Raise your hand!" 

TUFS students talking with the director in Persian.

The director and TUFS students (Persian Language major)