10th Lecture in Series for Citizens "Thinking about Death and the Body, Perspectives from Thailand" (Lecturer: Prof. Ryoko Nishii) Co-Sponsored by Yomiuri Shimbun Tachikawa Bureau Held February 20th

March 16, 2016

On 20th of February 2016 (Sat), as part of the series of lectures for citizens “Life in Modern Society-the world that people are living in and have lived” co-sponsored by the Yomiuri Shimbun Tachikawa bureau, the 10th lecture in the series titled “Thinking about Death and the Body, perspectives from Thailand” (Lecturer: Prof. Ryoko Nishii) was held in the Prometheus Hall at TUFS.

On the day, despite the rain many people attended and listened intently to the lecture.

The 11th lecture in series will take place on 19th March (Sat) at 13:30 in the Prometheus Hall at TUFS. The lecture, titled “Connecting Your Life to Others, Masao Yamaguchi and Cultural Anthropology” will be presented by Prof. Ichiro Majima.