IMIA Asia Symposium Held on November 9, 2014 in Prometheus Hall, Agora Global Building, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Fuchu Campus

December 10, 2014

The symposium was a result of passionate work by Dr. Kazumi Takesako, who is the IMIA Japan Chapter Chairwoman. Dr. Kazumi Takesako is a graduate of the International Communications and Interpreting Course, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, a host of this symposium. She graduated back in 2007. I am certain that her hard work and achievements have resulted in her now being able to hold a symposium of this scale, which saw 250 participants joining us from across the globe. It was right here at Tokyo University of Foreign Studies where Dr. Takesako started working on her research project on medical interpreting whilst she was a graduate student in interpreting.

One of the largest newspapers in Japan, Sankei Shinbun ran an article on the IMIA Symposium on November 9, 2014, titled ‘The Increasing Importance of Medical Interpreting Services in the Tokyo Olympic Games: the quality and quantity needed to meet the needs of increasing numbers of foreigners in Japan'.

The symposium included simultaneous interpreting services that were provided by myself and my colleague Hanako Kaku, and also partially by our school’s graduate, Dr. Kazumi Takesako, throughout the day. Interpreting services during the interactive sessions and evening function were provided by 4 graduate students of mine, now in the second year of their studies. These students are: Ms. Moegi Yoshioka, Ms. Ma Lin, Mr. Nick Moriarty, and Mr. Akira Tsuruta. This interpreting opportunity was a very meaningful experience for my graduate students studying in the interpreting course right now as well as for my past students.

The symposium saw many exchanges of thoughts between the participants during the workshop and also during the function in the evening; these exchanges were assisted by the interpreting services we provided.

Professor Chikako Tsuruta
International Communication and Interpreting Course,
Graduate School of Global Studies,
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies