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Message for my supporters from Peggy

April 1,2024 ~ July 29,2024

【Message from Peggy】


University of Zambia
[Republic of Zambia]

Konnichiwa, Mulibwanji, Hello
My name is Peggy Chamucisa from Zambia and a student Majoring in Development studies and International Relations, at The University of Zambia (UNZA).
I like learning new things, interacting with friends, reading inspirational and educational books. I always like to stay positive all the time because I believe this is important for me as a leader, as I desire to make positive change around the world. I'm very happy to have been given this opportunity by TUFS, because I am looking forward to studying and understanding the methods and policies on how Japan has managed to develop and fight against climate change. and how best I can use that knowledge to develop my country. I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere gratitude to The Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO).I thank the Inter-University Exchange Project Africa (IAfP) for taking care of my air flight tickets, and The African Studies Center at TUFS (ASC_TUFS) for accepting the offer in the learning program.
Thank you so much to all my sponsors!