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My Life in Japan So Far

October 28, 2019

It's been a month since Helene and Octave arrived in Japan. Since Helene seems calm and modest, we were, at first, worried whether she could adapt herself to a life in Japan which is far from her home country and whose environment is so different from the one she's known. However, there was nothing to worry about. She's got used to her life in Japan through meeting many people from all over the world, and is enjoying it so much. We look forward to watching her improvement until she goes back to Rwanda next July.

Helene sent us a short essay about her life in Japan so far, including message for people who support her in Japan.


I am Hélène Alinethu MIKANDA, from the Democratic Republic of Congo. I study in Rwanda, at the Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences in the department of Peace and Conflict Studies. So far, I have found Japan so beautiful and lovely for the nature, the high buildings, good infrastructure, and the beautiful people living in. I like the diversity in Japan, I have only seen the one in Tokyo so far and I believe that it is all over Japan. From what I have experienced, I really love the way people are kind and always ready to help, from the day I arrived in Japan till now, I am getting support from different people and that is making my stay in Japan enjoyable, instructive, and full of experiences. Being here, in Japan, has been and will be fruitful to me; compared to the way I used to be, I can see improvements in social life and discipline. And the fact that I have met many students from different countries in TUFS, I am sure that my life during and after Japan will not be the same; such diversity is a great opportunity for me to learn from and experience different cultures.

I am really grateful to the Mission Support group here in Japan for the support you continuously give me, I am grateful to the African Studis Center for being there for me, I am also grateful to the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for welcoming me in Japan. You trusted and believed in me, to all of you, I will always be grateful for you made and you are still making my stay in Japan possible. I can say you made my dream come true. I will make sure you do not regret your actions towards me, I will do my best to honor your help and support. Long live to you all.