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Henri and Justus returned to Rwanda



After studying at TUFS as exchange students for 10 months (attending classes online for the first 2 months) and staying in Japan for 8 months, Henri and Justus left Japan on July 27, 2021.

Soon after they finished assignments and exams for the spring semester, Henri and Justus had to start preparations for returning. And on 27th, before leaving TUFS, they came to our office and gave short farewell speeches: they told us that they've learnt a lot, met and got close with many people, the whole experiences became a big step in their lives, and so on. Then, they headed for Narita and left Japan while many of their Japanese friends were seeing them off.

After spending very long connecting time at Doha, Henri and Justus arrived at Rwanda on 29th. They had to get the PCR test again at Kigali International Airport and wait for the result at a nearby hotel. Then, they went back to Huye where Protestant Institute of Arts and Social Sciences (PIASS), their university, is located. Since Rwanda lifted lockdown, and all the public transportations stopped operation, Prof. Sasaki of PIASS arranged the transportation. It was 15 minutes before the furfew when they arrived at Huye. It must have been a extremely long jurney for Henri and Justus, and we were relieved to hear the news of their arrival.

It was our great pleasure to invite them under the various restriction due to COVID-19 and that they got close with many people outside campus by making good use of "online" and appeared on massmedia several times, which were beyond our expectations. Above all, we'd like to express our gratitude to their supporters of our crowdfunding project and those who helped them studying in Japan in various ways.