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Dr. Fongnzossie returned to Cameroon

January 31, 2022

Dr. Evariste Fongnzossie Fedoung returned to Cameroon after four-month stay in Japan since October 2021. During the four months, he taught two courses and gave interesting lectures at TUFS: one for undergraduate students, and the other for graduate students. Dr. Fongnzossie also built or strengthened his networks with Japanese researchers even though COVID-19 restricted his activities somehow: he made a presentation at ASC-TUFS 5th Anniversary International Symposium, and visited Ehime prefecture and Kyoto for a research meeting and a seminar. He was able to experience many things which couldn't be realized online.

Dr. Fongnzossie had some difficulties with Japanese cultures including language and food, but we believe that he enjoyed Japan more. His calm atmosphere soothed us, and we, as well as TUFS students, learnt many from his knowledge and experience. We will continue and strengthen this network with him, other Cameroonian researchers, and research and educational institutions in Cameroon.

Thank you very much for coming to Japan, Evariste-san!