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First Time Visit at Kyoto

Dr. Sonwa visited Kyoto for the first time with Dr. Oishi. In the morning, they visited Research Institute for Humanity and Nature, and exchanged opinions about the way and current trends of global environmental researches with young researchers. Most of the researchers are engaged in two research projects: "Toward the Regeneration of Tropical Peatland Societies: Building International Research Network on Paludiculture and Sustainable Peatland Management" and "Lifeworlds of Sustainable Food Consumption and Production: Agrifood Systems in Transition (FEAST Project)."

In the afternoon, Dr. Sonwa and Dr. Oishi visited Inamori Foundation Memorial Hall at Kyoto University, and gave a lecture about "Cocoa agroforest management and REDD+ dynamics in Cameroon," which was KU-TUFS Seminar #4. Almost thirty people attended the seminar, including researchers of Africa, master students, and international students. Dr. Sonwa and attendants had a lively discussion about gainsharing in REDD+, how to calculate forest biomass at cocoa farms, how agroforestry is viewed in farmers' livelihood.