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Mabutho Generous Shangase

Mabutho Generous Shangase
Name Mabutho Generous Shangase
Affiliation Visiting Professor, African Studies Centre-TUFS. Department of Political Sciences, University of Pretoria
E-mail mabutho.shangaseup.ac.za
HP https://www.up.ac.za/en/political-sciences/view/staffprofile/31576
Key Words state autonomy, public policy formulation, regional integration, the Southern African Development Community (SADC), Research Methodology, African Political Economy
Academic Career 1993-1996 University of the Witwatersrand
2002-2008 University of the Witwatersrand (Master of Arts)
2003-2005 Aston University (Master of Business Administration)
2012-2018 University of Edinburgh (PhD)
Degree PhD (African Studies): University of Edinburgh (2018)
Professional Career 1998-1999 National Department of Health
1999-2005 National Youth Commission
2005-2012 Independent Development Trust
Major Works
  • "Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) and the Limits of Problem-Solving Public Policy", Conference; 1994-2014: 20 Years of South African Democracy St Antony's College, African Studies Centre (ASC), University of Oxford, 25th/26th April 2014.
  • "Examining the effectiveness of BEE implementation: Case study of Eskom restructuring: 1995-2005", Publication: "BEE in the Know, Practical Insights for Everyday BEE" 26 October 2011, http://www.iquadvs.co.za/news.php
  • A New Chapter Beckons: South Africa at the Crossroads (Occasional Paper, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2017).
  • Fidel Castro Lives on in the Revolutionary Imagination (Blog Article, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2016).
  • CHOGM 2018, Brexit and the Imperial (Re)Turn (Blog Article, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2018).
  • South Africa's Chairship of SADC: Halfway into Ticking Boxes? (Blog Article, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2018).
  • Land Expropriation in South Africa: Implications for SADC (Occasional Paper, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2018 forthcoming).
  • Revisiting the SADC Tribunal: Institutional Integrity and Whims of Men (Occasional Paper, Institute for Global Dialogue, 2018 forthcoming).