*言語教育学演習 2020 [#z8edd00e]

-Analysing Learner Language Using Corpora: Applications in Materials Design and Development

**授業の目標 Course objectives [#fae4c657]

-become familiar with the basic concepts of corpus compilation and corpus use
-consider their own strategies for using corpora for language study and language learning
-be exposed to various related fields in the application of corpora in applied linguistics
-be able to process the texts, analyze the data to answer your research questions

**授業計画 Class schedule [#d78041f0]

|No. |Content|
|ALH1|Survey of available corpora|
|ALH2|DIY corpora presentation|
|1|Introduction to Corpus Linguistics|
|2|History of corpus development|
|3|Balance, representativeness, and sampling|
|4|Available corpora|
|5|Corpus and Applied Linguistics|
|6|Case Study 1: Applications in lexicography|
|7|Case Study 2: Applications in grammar studies|
|8|Case Study 3: Applications in SLA|
|9|Case Study 4: Applications in ELT and materials design|
|10|Corpora and CEFR (1): What is the CEFR?|
|11|Corpora and CEFR (2): English Profile|
|12|Corpora and CEFR (3): error tagging|
|13|Corpora and CEFR (4): criterial feature extraction|
|※|Corpora and CEFr (5): automated scoring|
||Active learning (1):|
||Active learning (2):|

**授業の進め方 Procedure [#id12daee]

-We use Moodle for accessing reading materials and assignments.
--[[TUFS Moodle>https://mdle.tufs.ac.jp/moodle/login/index.php]]

-You should work on comprehension questions after reading each chapter. 

-Xiaolin, TA, will do the tutorials for corpus tools. 

**テキスト Textbook [#uc106039]

-McEnery, T., Xiao, R., and Tono, Y. (2006) '''Corpus-Based Language Studies: An Advanced Resource Book.''' London: Routledge.

--We will use the online version of this book, by courtesy of Lancaster University.

**Useful sites [#d87eb665]

-Wild card searches using AntConc:

-REGEX searches using AntConc:

-Regular Expression Cheat Sheet by Dave Child

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