FUJIE, Hinano

The COIL class helped me to get familiar with the style of the US classroom and motivated me for studying abroad.

While studying abroad, I mainly focused on studying linguistics and cross-cultural communication. All of these classes were often advanced classes, and there were few international students in the class and most of them were local students. Nevertheless, I was able to actively participate in class activities such as discussions because I had properly grasped the concept of classes at American universities in advance in COIL classes before studying abroad and I was prepared for such classes. In the COIL class I attended, I was able to connect with American students who were also in the class through video and exchange opinions in real time. At that time, when I saw American students who had their own opinions and were actively expressing their opinions, I thought to myself, “I also have to be able to do this in English by the time I go to study abroad”, and that increased my motivation. I think it was extremely valuable to be able to know how much I was lacking in ability and realize the need for improvement before going abroad. Thanks to the COIL class, I was able to deepen my learning experiences while studying abroad.

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