[COIL] Instructional Design and Intercultural Competence

FUKUDA, Aya/Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Course Description

Nowadays, intercultural competence is increasingly indispensable for a citizen of the globalizing world. In addition, the digital technology is more and more used to connect people on the earth and it is applicable for the education arena too. This class is to help students equip intercultural competence and educational technology capability through the “learning by teaching” method and online collaborative learning experiences. Students will have the opportunity to conduct the online collaborative learning with the students in the US and Japan. Also, based on this experience and learnt theories, students will have a chance to develop a lesson plan of intercultural competence and to actually implement it in a classroom. Students learning is expected to be deepened by this process. Through this course, it is also expected to develop English proficiency.

  1. Overview: Defining the Field – Instructional Design and Intercultural Competence
  2. Theory Learning: Intercultural Competence
  3. Introduction and Preparation of the Online Collaborative Session
  4. Experiencing the asynchronous online session 1
  5. Experiencing the asynchronous online session 2
  6. Experiencing the synchronous online session
  7. Reflection of the online session – Writing an analytic reflection essay
  8. Theory Learning: Teaching and Learning
  9. Theory Learning: Instructional Design Models
  10. Developing a lesson plan 1
  11. Developing a lesson plan 2
  12. Implementing a lesson plan
  13. Evaluating a lesson plan and reflection

ALH1: COIL Discussion 1 

ALH2: COIL Discussion 2