[JOINT]Japan Online Tour for Students in the U.S. and Japan (2023.02)


In line with the theme of this project, interactive online study tours were held to learn about Japanese culture and regions, the participants listen to the experts and enjoyed the online fieldtrips. There were 3 tours in total: “COIL1: Traditional entertainment: Rakugo”, “COIL1: Japanese cuisine: Sake”, and “COIL4: SDGs Marine Environment in Okinawa”.
It was held in collaboration with the faculty of California State University, Northridge (CSUN). CSUN students were able to deepen their understanding of Japan by learning Japanese culture and utilizing these tours for their Japanese classes.
The tours created opportunities to learn about Japan from various aspects by taking advantage of online. All the tours were interactive between tour conductors and participants.
In the Rakugo tour, students performed a scene of Rakugo in English. The sake tour was an online “journey” where students strolled through traditional townscapes and learned how to make sake in a brewery.
And the Okinawa tour, students watched photos and videos of coral reefs and other sites to learn about marine environmental issues, and students gained a better understanding of microplastic waste issues related to SDGs, its impact on the environment, and global warming.