[TUFS]Japan Online Tour for Students in the U.S. (2021. 02-03)


In line with the theme of this project, interactive online study tours were held to learn about Japanese culture, regions, and peace. Participants listened to experts and enjoyed online fieldtrips.

There were five tours in total: “COIL1: Traditional entertainment: Rakugo”, “COIL1: Japanese cuisine: Sake”, “COIL1: Japanese tourism: Asakusa”, “COIL2: War and Peace in Okinawa”, and “COIL2: War and Peace in Hiroshima”.

It was held in collaboration with the faculty of California State University, Northridge (CSUN). CSUN students were able to deepen their understanding of Japan by learning Japanese culture and utilizing these tours for their Japanese classes.

The tours created opportunities to learn about Japan from various aspects by taking advantage of online. All the tours were interactive between tour conductors and participants. In the Rakugo tour, students performed a scene of Rakugo in English. In the Sake tour and the Asakusa tour, participants explored traditional streets with conductors, and they just “traveled” online. In the peace tours, students learned about peace and war deeply by exposed to the history, photos and sounds of the Pacific War.

About 30 students attended each session and we got feedback on what they thought about the tours and what else they wanted to learn. The participatory approach of the tours was especially well-received. Some of the tours that they want to join in next time include modern Japanese culture, temples and shrines, and walking tours.