[Internship] Students delivered the presentation to companies (ICU & USC)


On Thursday, March 19th, 2020, students from both Japan and the U.S. delivered presentations to the companies in relation to the COIL-type class between International Christian University (ICU) and University of Southern California (USC) which is a partner university of the COIL program. This class was coordinated by Prof. Joo-Young Jung of ICU and Prof. Jerry Giaquinta of USC in the area of business management.

There were six companies, namely Panasonic ITS, JTB, IC Net, DENTSU INC. Pasona, Amway, cooperated with this class. Students built six groups inviting both Japan and US students and each group took charge of one company.

A student group received the assignment from the company for solving problems in global company management and students came up with the proposal based on the online research and discussions among group members. From January, student groups had online sessions for research and discussions online every week and made proposals. In March, it was planned that eighteen students from USC came to Japan and put proposal form together, after which went to the company with students from ICU. However, because of the spread of the COVID-19, they had no choice but to cancel coming to Japan and the plan was suddenly changed that they made presentation to companies in real time online.

Students learned the attitude of tackling work and problems of global companies through the class. Then, they acquired the communication skill while understanding the difference of cultures, doing group work collaboratively between Japan and the US and suggesting the way of solving the problem from various points of view.

We got a high reputation from companies. Those comments from the companies were “we got the new point of view” and “we were impressed by the ability of research and solving problems of students”.