[Internship] On February 12, 2020, students made a visit to the elementary school in Tokyo. (ICU, UCI & TUFS)


On February 12, 2020, as the inbound program related to the COIL-type class, Prof. Fernando Rodriguez & three students from the University of California, Irvine (UCI), which is a partner university in the U.S., and a COIL coordinator Aso from the International Christian University (ICU) visited the after-school-care center facilitated by the NPO called “Hokago-NPO-Afterschool” at the elementary school in Kami-Itabashi. It was a good learning opportunity for students majoring in education to visit the education institution and learn about the Japanese education system. The UCI teacher and students interacted and played with children there, looking around how the Japanese elementary school was and how children spent time after school. They were amazed by the disciplined children’s manner when they have snacks, that is, children were just waiting without eating until the snacks were distributed to everyone. In addition, it was educative for them to have discussions with staff members too on how children spent time after school and how children played in Japan and the U.S.