[Internship] Students visited a company in the United States. (ICU) 2020.01.17


On January 17, 2020, Dr. Toshiaki Sasao and two students from International Christian University (ICU) visited the Legal Department at the University of Southern California (USC), one of our partner universities in the U.S., as a part of the COIL exchange program.

With the invitation and help of the Southern California Chapter of the ICU Alumni Association, they listened to Mr. Steve Yamaguchi, the lawyer of Legal Department USC. Students learnd about his work and the law in the U.S, under his guide. On the previous day, the group visited the Japanese American National Museum to learn more about Japanese American in the U.S., and then heard from Mr. Yamaguchi, who is actually a Japanese American, about his own experience in the U.S. It helped them deepen their understanding of the background of the United States as a racial melting pot, as well as the way of thinking and working of American workers, and the differences between America and Japan.