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The Global Campus Program’s Advanced Course 2011 Started!


The Global Campus started its Advanced Course on May 31, 2011.

This time, we build eight teams working 4 topics, namely, “Promotion of Human Security” coordinated by Prof. Muhadi Sugiono; “Nation/State-Building and Governance” coordinated by Prof. Sisira Pinnawala; “Social Change” coordinated by Prof. Trond Gilberg; and "International Engagement" coordinated by Prof. Kenji Isezaki.

Each participant university has two teams working on different topics and each team has between four and eight students. We still have at least three weeks of research period before the final team presentations begin on June 28 and July 5.


Day 1: 31 May
Day 2: 7 June
Day 3: 14 June.
Day 4: 21 June.
Day 5: 28 June
Day 6: 5 July

*If you have any questions or concerns, please let your professor know or send an email to GCP Office: