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April 11, 2018

I am Charles Acheampong Agyebeng, a political science major with a minor in Theatre Arts at Ghana's premier university, the University of Ghana.

Studying at TUFS as an exchange program student has been one of the most exciting experiences of my academic life. I have come to meet the humblest, nicest and above all amicable people here in Japan. Am always amazed by their ever readiness to assist anyone in need. It is sad to say that, the only thing that has been quite unfriendly since my coming is the weather, but I know it has the good heart of the Japanese.

Aside from offering me the avenue to study in one of the most prestigious universities in the world, this exchange program has given the opportunity, for the first time, to experience what it means to study outside the borders of my country. And to this, I say arigato gozaimasu to all the sponsors. The program has also served me with the chance to learn a new language and be exposed to a new culture, the lovely Japanese way of life. It is intriguing, seeing how simple yet intricate the Japanese culture is.

This program has made it possible for me to make new friends, meet some notable professors and researchers and it also is in the continuing process of facilitating my development of skills that will aid in my making a better academician.

By the end of this program, I hope to acquire a fair understanding of the Japanese culture as well as possessing the ability to both express and write in the Japanese language. Also, I hope I will be able to use the opportunity this program has provided to build the necessary connections for a probable return to pursue my post-graduate studies in international relations and conflict resolutions.

Once again, I thank all the sponsors and the minds that brought this initiative.