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My favourite visited places

November 2020 - July 2021

Thembo visited several sightseeing spots in Tokyo during his stay in Tokyo. He introduces his two favorite places with his researches on their histories and background.

The following is his essay.

Meiji Shrine


I paid a visit to the shirine that is dedicated to the devine souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken, which is now known as the Meiji Jingu or Meiji Shrine-Tokyo. This place was constructed in 1915 and finished in 1920. During the World War 2, this place was destroyed during the "Tokyo air raids or pacific campaigns" by the US Air Forces and was reconstructed by 1958. After WW2, US president George W. Bush, later on, followed by US Sec Hillary Clinton, visited this place as a sign of reconciliation between Japan and the US. Up to date, this place has become one of the most visited tourist sites in Japan and is now used for different cultural activities and commemorations (oharea, joyasai, saitansai, shodoten, kigensai, Shoken-Kotaigo-sai, etc). I liked the history of this place and it became one of my favourite places.

Mount Takao (高尾山, Takao-san)


Mount Takao is a mountain in the city of Hachiōji, Tokyo, Japan. It is protected within Meiji no Mori Takao Quasi National Park. Standing 599 metres tall and located within an hour of downtown Tokyo, it is a popular hiking spot, with eight hiking courses and more than 2.5 million annual visitors.

Mount Takao is closely associated with the Shinto-Buddhist tengu, minor kami from Japanese folklore, and the daitengu. The mountain is also renowned for Shugendō, the mountain asceticism focusing on strict discipline. A Buddhist temple, Takaosan Yakuōin Yūkiji, is located on the mountain and attracts many visitors who pray to the tengu for good fortune. The temple belongs to the Shingon Buddhist sect. at this temple, I also prayed my fortune-telling prayer which has been predicting success and a better future for me. I like this style of prayer.