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NHK (Japanese broadcasting) video shooting and interview with Water corporation

February 7and March 24, 2021

During spring break, Henri made his TV debut in Japan! He participated in shooting opening movie of Japanese TV program. He was interviewd by Japanese pump manufacturer who collects information about Africa. We envy him for having such precious experiences.

You can read his essay from below.

I was not expecting that I could be invited to outside activities. Luckily it happened. Shuntaro connected me with the people of NHK. They needed a black person with a refugee background to participate in diverse participants for the small video of 1 min. I was amazed to be part of such a video that advocates hope for people in need and to raise awareness among Japanese society. For people who want to see this video, you can watch it several times this April before the start of a TV program called "Kokoro no Jidai", which is about philosophy and thought. I think some of you might have seen it. I don't have a TV in my room, I will probably see it on YouTube late this April. I am looking forward to seeing this video passing on television and on YouTube. During the shooting session I met nice people. They are friendly. I have loved their many presents.


Thank you for ASC-TUFS that has introduced me to an interview with EBARA Group. For me, I was happy because this is one of the answers to the question I was asked during the meeting with crowdfunding supporters. The question asked: "what can be done to improve the relationship between Africa and Japan". This interview offered one of the answers to the asked question. This company is considering market opportunities in Africa. I wish their plan to be successful. It is one way to extend the market for them but also helping Rwanda water supply. As a result, we would observe a good growing relationship between Africa and Japan.