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Looking back my life in Japan so far [MOIVE]

May 1st, 2020

Helene gives an interview with Octave to look back his life in Japan so far. He talks about what he expected to learn in Japan before coming to Japan, what the differences are about courses in PIASS and TUFS, and so on. There are two movies.

【Interview Video Vol. 1】

1. What they wanted to learn in Japan before coming to Japan (00:05 - )
2. What was as they expected and what was out of expectation about Japan (01:17 -)

【Interview Video Vol. 2】

1. The differences between courses at PIASS and at TUFS (00:05 - )
2. How I spend my free time (01:57 -)
3. What was benefits for me to come to Japan with crowdfunding's funds (03:22 - )