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My LIfe in Japan So Far

October 24, 2019

It's been a month since Octave and Helene came to Japan. While being busy with classes and assignments, Octave also enjoys spending time with his new friends and new life in Japan.

He sent us a short essay about his life in Japan so far, including appreciative words for the crowdfunding supporters. If you read it, you can imagine vividly how he's enjoying his time in Japan!

On the plane before coming to Japan I put on a big jacket thinking it was going to be cold. But to my suprise, it was warmer than Rwanda would be at that time of the night! I came mentally prepared for the Automn coldness but instead I was greated by old friends who once studied at my home university that I missed so much, and the a very warm and humid air. I was very happy to finally be in Japan, a country I always wanted to visit but never imagined I could.

After arriving and coming to TUFS I was very excited to meet new friends and start an unforgetable experience in Japan. Once I settled my things into my room I decided to take a walk and was suprised to see so many convenience stores and vending machines. I think what suprised me the most was how healthy cooked food sold in the convenience stores are. Japan has such a variety of foods and I love trying every new type of food I see. What I also noticed is how good the customer services are here in Japan and how warm and inviting people are when you ask for help. So far I have not had any bad experiences and I feel like I could stay here for ever!

I have made alot of friends in TUFS, especially international students and a few Japanese friends but I would like to make as many japanese friends as I can and build long lasting relationships. Besides my social life I'm happy about how classes are conducted and how efficient learning is. Sometimes the work load can be alot but I really enjoy what I'm studying and find the lectures to be very professional. I meet very interesting people with convincing opinions and the lecturers are very open minded and conciderate, which I appreciate.

I would like to thank my supporters of crowdfunding who have blessed me with the opportunity to come to my dream country. I can not fully express my gratitude into words but I appreciate the effort taken to sponsor me and Hellen to come here. This is an experience that I will never forget and it is all because of your kindness. I am eternally grateful!