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Rodrigue conducted a seminar on Japanese religions at PIASS

Thu., July 18, 2019

On July 18, 2019, the next day after he went back to Rwanda, Rodrigue conducted the seminar on Japanese religions at Protestant Institute of Art and Social Sciences (PIASS).

He told us that he also explained about Japan in general, Japanese culture, and Shinto. He used the sourvenir that one of his supporters, Mr. Nakano, gave to him, which are an ornament of Japanese traditional drum, Taiko, and that of Japanese portable shrine, Mikoshi, and introduce Japanese traditional festival. He received many interesting questions after his presentation.

Now, he's back to his home country, Burundi, and enjoying his time with his families and friends. He tells them about Japan and shows a short documentary he made in Japan. We suppose there are still many people in Rwanda and Burundi who don't know much about Japan, so we are glad that they will have knowledge about Japan through his story.


Using ornaments of Taiko and Mikoshi


He taught people Japanese, too.


There are many Christian people in Rwanda, so we wonder how they think about Shinto.