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My days in Japan so far

Oct. 9, 2018

Shukulu looked back her two weeks since she came to Japan. She is taking Japanese class every day. She also positively communicate with Japanese students. Japanese skills are progressing day by day, and we look forward how is it gonna be after 10 months!

My name is Murekatete Shukulu, I am coming from Rwanda and I am Exchange Student at Tokyo University for Foreign Studies. I would like to take this opportunity to tell you about how I am doing after got to Japan.

Now it is almost two week for me in Japan and my life in Japan is very good because I am living in the environment which is more supportive and this helps to get used to the place. I do like where I am living because there are a lot of people from different countries and there is a lot of dynamics which is very good for me in term of getting used to different cultural backgrounds. Addition to all, I started to attend classes which are in English but also every day I attend Hiragana class for learning Japanese because I am very interested in learning Japanese. So far I know how I can introduce myself in Japanese and to say thank you and other basic phrases which are very important in my daily life.

Thank you so much.