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My gratitude to all of the people involved

Oct. 9, 2018

It's been 2 weeks since Rodrigue arrived at Japan. He sent us the message for all of the people who were involved in realizing his dream to come to Japan. He's taking Japanese class every day with Shukulu, and he always tries to absorb Japanese culture. For example, he uses chopsticks when he eats at home too.

Since I came to Japan, I feel happy and welcomed. First of all, I am happy because we (me and all other people who were involved) successfully made it. Coming to Japan was a long process to which many people were involved; in Japan at TUFS generally and at African Studies Center in particular, in Rwanda at my home University, and in Burundi, in my family. Second, I feel welcomed as Student Exchange Division, African Studies Center and my Japanese friends have worked hard in guiding and advising me on different issues of my new life in Japan. To all of you who is making me to feel happy and welcomed, I humbly say:"Arigato gozaimasu".