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Welcome Open Lunch 2024 Spring

April 10,2024


In the spring of 2024, TUFS welcomed three new students from Africa.

Today we held a Welcome OpenLunch for three exchange students who arrived in Japan from African countries this April and were welcomed as exchange students. Our Visiting Associate Professor, Gloriose UMUZIRANENGE also joined us.

They are Peggy and Mupelwa from University of Zambia (UNZA), Verdiane from University of Yaoundé I (UY1).

UY1 and TUFS has concluded MOU last May. This is the first time TUFS has been able to accept exchange student from the UY1.Welcome Verdiane!!

Peggy and Mupelwa will stay at TUFS for one semester until July 2024. Verdiane will stay at TUFS for two semesters until February 2025.

Please check the " IAFP Accepting" page for their self introduction. Also we will announce the information on the Center's website as it becomes available.