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Member’s resignation and new members

April 1, 2021

Mr. Ryozo Myoi, who has served as an advisor of our center since it was established in 2017, resigned his position on March 31, 2021. He contributed to invite students from African countires and built a fundation of our activity to invite Afrcan students, one of our important activities. We will take over his work and make our best efforts to invite more and more students from African countries.

On the other hand, we welcome three new members as visiting researchers: Mr. Laban Kithinji Kinyua, Ms. Altanjula, and Mr. Gohey Hayashi. They will conduct their researches with a collaboration with other ASC members on the following themes.

Mr. Laban Kithinji Kinyua: The Political Economy of Digital Platforms in sub-Saharan Africa: How the Youths are Tapping into Stateʼs and Markets Decentralization Programmes

Ms. Altanjula: 人間と動物の関係における呪術宗教的感覚―モンゴルとアフリカの比較研究 (Magico-religious sense in the relationship between human beings and animals: A comparison of Mongol and Africa)

Mr. Gohey Hayashi: 木灰資源の活用と在地のモノ作り――自然エネルギー時代に向けた東北日本と中部アフリカ過疎地域農村の比較研究 (The use of charcoal as a resource and local manufacturing: A comparison of Tohoku Japan and depopulated rural area in Central Africa toward the era of natural energy)