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The 73rd "Sexual health education and HIV/AIDS among campus students: Insights from Kenya"

Monday, December 19, 2022 5:40 - 7:10 pm (JST)


We will invite Dr. Tom Ondicho, a visiting professor of ILCAA Tokyo University of Foreign Studies as a speaker at the 73rd ASC Seminar.

◆Speaker: Dr. Tom Ondicho (ILCAA okyo University of Foreign Studies, Visiting Researcher & Associate Professor of Anthropology, University of Nairobi.

◆Title: Sexual health education and HIV/AIDS among campus students: Insights from Kenya


HIV/AIDS prevalence among university students in Kenya is a big concern today. Despite efforts to combat the spread, the rate of new infections is on an upward trend. Recent reports indicate that the university of Nairobi has the highest HIV prevalence rate among all universities in Kenya. This is because of peer pressure, misunderstandings about the disease, ignorance, poverty, risky sexual behaviours and practices, and the location of the university within the central business district of Nairobi, Kenya's capital city. Sexual health education through a compulsory common undergraduate course on HIV/AIDS has been one of the pillars of the prevention efforts. The course aims to enable students to make informed choices and decisions about sex, relationships, and behaviours that impact their sexual and reproductive health. This presentation is a personal reflection of my experiences teaching this sexual health course on HIV/AIDS at the university of Nairobi. In this presentation, I share my engagement experiences engaging with students in this course, explain the factors that render them vulnerable to HIV, evaluate the impact of CUC on student behaviour, the challenges of teaching the course and offer suggestions on the way forwards. The presentation will also include a discussion of my work at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies developing a student sexual education handbook on HIV/AIDS for tertiary-level students. My teaching experiences are instrumental in the current project which hopefully will transform in positive ways the delivery of this sexual health education course on HIV/AIDS.

◆Date & Time: Monday, December 19, 2022 5:40 - 7:10 pm (JST) / 8:40 - 10:10 (GMT)

◆Venue: Onsite (Room 223 at Research and Lecture Bldg., Tokyo University of Foreign Studies) & Online (Zoom Meeting)

◆Language: English

◆Admission: Free

◆Pre-registration is required. Please visit here for registration by December 17, 2022. The application will be closed as soon as the capacity reaches 30 for onsite and 300 for online. We will send the Zoom Meeting information to the registered email address by Dec. 19, 2022 in the morning.

◆Jointly Organized by African Studies Center - TUFS and Kanto branch of Japan Association for African Studies


We held the seminar in a hybrid style and 7 participated on-site while 10 participated online.
After the presentation on the HIV situation of Nairobi University, the floor discussed about the actual countermeasures and backlash.