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Exchanging opinions at Forest Research and Management Organization

Dr. Sonwa and Dr. Oishi visited Forest Research and Management Organization (formaly known as Forestry and Forest Products Research Institute, FFPRI) in Tsukuba, Ibaraki. They had a meeting toexchang opinions about researches they have been working on, such as REDD+ and a research trend about "Mitigation Adaptation synergy," with researchers. Dr. Takeshi Toma, a team leader of the Department of Forest Vegetation of the organization, Dr. Gen Takao and Dr. Papa Saliou Sarr from JIRCAS also participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Dr. Sonwa had a presentation about "Synergy between Mitigation & Adaptation in the Congo Basin and Perspectives," at first, and three young researchers from Forest Research and Management Organization provided the topics about forestry researches from the point of view of political economics, forest economics, and ecology. After Dr. Takao and Dr. Papa provided the topics as to REDD+ and functions of rhizobacteria, everybody conducted a lively discussion about a response to climate change.