[Information for Doctoral Students] Request for Registration to JGRAD

July 25, 2023

Dear Doctoral Students,

This is from the MIRAI Lab (Research Promotion Division).

TUFS is participating in the doctoral personnel database 'JGRAD' operated by the NISTEP under the MEXT. We plan to actively utilize this platform. For those who enrolled in or after the 2014 academic year and have not yet registered, we kindly ask you to check the instructions provided below and register as soon as possible.

How to register with JGRAD :

Registration Page :

Request from the MIRAI Lab :

Our office conducts tracking surveys of PhD program graduates as requested by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. In the future, we will check your registration status on JGRAD to understand your current situation. If we are unable to confirm your registration, we will inquire about your future plans through your supervising professor. Therefore, we request that you register JGRAD and update your information as much as possible.

Benefits of registering on JGRAD :

・You will see job postings from JREC-IN related to your recent field of research.
・Your registration data will be analyzed and reflected in NISTEP's policy proposals.
・You can participate in the SNS where registrants gather (Facebook, Slack). 

- In Slack, there are not only channels related to universities and research fields but also ones for hobbies, collaboration recruitment, and dialogues with GPT3.5 (planning to upgrade the bot to GPT4 later). There's also a channel for job postings, which includes information not listed on JREC-IN. Although active interaction hasn't quite taken off yet, the responsible persons at NISTEP are working to liven up the posts. We highly recommend using this platform to expand your connections, both in research and in your private life!