Home Enrollment Request, Fall Quarter (Deadline: September 4 [Fri])

August 21, 2020

August 21, 2020

While TUFS is taking careful steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19, we plan on conducting some in-person classes in the upcoming fall quarter.

However, students with the following circumstances will be allowed to take classes from home.

  • Having an underlying medical condition (e.g., Bronchial asthma)
  • Living with a roommate who has an underlying medical condition
  • Living with an elderly family member
  • Other

In any of the above cases, please submit the following form. On the application form, please list your scheduled in-person major language classes and the GLIP English A classes you plan to take following the spring quarter. However, you do not need to fill out any GLIP English B or C classes, as online options are available for them. For undergraduate seminar courses, research seminar courses, and all graduate school courses (except those scheduled to be offered online), please consult directly with the faculty member in charge.

Matters to keep in mind

  • For GLIP English A, students may be offered an online course with a different day and time period as a result of their application.
  • Information on how to take the requested major language course will be provided at a later date.
  • Please see the following list for the in-person and online course options.

Special Call for Applications at the TUFS International Residence

For students who have difficulty commuting to school, we are accepting special applications to move into the TUFS International Residence on campus, limited to the fall quarter.

Deadline: Friday, September 11, 2020