Symposium: Uralic Typology (August 2010)

Dear Fellow Colleagues, Uralists and Typologists!

Given that I am not one of the organisers of the Eleventh International Congress of Finno-Ugrists to be held in Piliscsaba, Hungary, August 2010, I do not know at this time if you will be attending this major event. In any case, I would like to (once again) draw your attention to the typological symposium, which forms a separate section of the Congress.

This symposium is planned to consist of two parts:

The first part will be devoted entirely to the issue of the Uralic Typology Database Project. Plans are to give detailed information on its contents as well as its organisational and financial aspects, in addition to making recommendations on practical measures to initiate the international research work to be conducted within the project. Everyone is invited to join in the ensuing discussion with those linguists who had taken part in the preparation of the project with their questions recommendations or contributions. Our goal is to make possible the actual building of the database - which is likely to take years - to begin in earnest immediately after the Congress.

The second part of the symposium will be reserved for shorter or longer talks that were accepted by the organisers on synchronic or diachronic aspects of the typological description of Uralic languages. This will then constitute the general typological section of the Congress. You are welcome to join either section of the symposium. Despite any official information you may have read or heard, the organisors are still accepting new participants. Please do not hesitate to register if you are interested (see details on the website for the Congress).

Colleagues already registered, as well as those registering now, are requested to let me know (by email) about their readiness to participate in the work of the typological symposium and to indicate the title or topics of their presentation if they intend to deliver one. As a rule of thumb you should limit your presentation to 20 minutes with another 10 minutes for subsequent discussion.

Abstracts for presentation during the symposium are welcome as well but not obligatory, unless you would like to see them printed in the preliminary program of the Congress.

Ferenc Havas

Ferenc Z. Havas, Professor of Linguistics
Head of Department of Finno-Ugric Studies at ELTE University
Office: ELTE BTK Finnugor Tanszek
Budapest, VIII. Muzeum krt. 4/i
Mailing address: 1364 Budapest Pf. 107.; Tel./Fax: (36-1) 485-52-53
Email: fhavas(at)

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