2017 FINDAS/TINDAS Joint Seminar “An Inheritance of Loss: Kingly Debt and Women’s Wills in Princely Mysore” (10/22)

掲載日 | 2017年09月27日

International Seminar

2017年度 FINDAS・TINDAS・池亀科研(B)共催研究会


「現代インドにおけるポスト開発:媒介と協同性のポリティクス 」との共催

Date&Time: Oct 22th [Sun]  14:00~16:00

 Venue:8F Meeting Room, Hongo Satellite, TUFS


Language: English

※This seminar is free of charge and everyone is welcome.


◆Janaki Nair(Jawaharlal Nehru University)

“An Inheritance of Loss: Kingly Debt and Women’s Wills in Princely Mysore”

What is the status of women who inherit as heirs under a customary law that prevails in a region from which they had migrated long ago? This was the dilemma posed in the case of those who laid claim to a large debt given by Damodar Doss to the Maharaja Krishnaraja Wodeyar III of Mysore in 1845. For more than half a century, the unpaid debt, and the justness of the claims of successive heirs of the lender, claimed the attention of the colonial state and Mysore government. The debates around the debt involved questions of not just the relationship of the colonial to the princely state, and the status of inherited debts, but by the early 20th century had become closely focused on the rights of three remaining female heirs, and their agency.  The prolonged discussions revealed much about the legal dilemmas posed by the transition from direct to indirect British rule, and questions of equity and good conscience,  but also crucially on the question of whether customary law was rooted in territory or was as mobile the practicing community itself.