History and Background
The Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe of the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies consists of students and graduates of the Philippine Studies Program of the university. It had its beginning in November 1994 when the Philippine Studies Program presented an original Filipino musicale at the universityfs annual cultural festival. The presentation included a number of folk dances and songs. However , it was the troupefs performance at the farewell party for then Philippine ambassador to Japan Domingo Siazon, Jr.(who is again the present ambassador), as well as at a seminar sponsored by the Tokyo office of the Philippine Department of Tourism that gave the impetus for the formal organization of the dance troupe.
The troupe has been active in Japan since then and has performed in about 150 programs organized by both foreign and Japanese organizations. Most of the troupefs performance the variety and uniqueness of Philippine culture. Local Filipino communities, local governments, non-governmental organizations(NGOs) and schools have also invited the troupe in many of their cultural events.
In April 1997, the troupe had its first overseas performance in the Philippines during the International Dance Day Festival sponsored by the National Commission on Culture and Arts(NCCA) of the Philippines, held at San Carlos University in Cebu City. It was during this event that the troupe met Mr. Ramon Obusan of the Ramon Obusan Folkloric Group and since then, he and his dance masters have assisted the troupe in technical training and repertoire.
Ever since the performance in Cebu in 1997, the troupe has been annually performing in the Philippines in connection with the Japan-Philippines Friendship Month sponsored by the Japanese Embassy in Manila, as well as the Arts Month by the NCCA, in February and March. The troupe has performed not only in Metro Manila but also in major cities such as Davao, Iloilo, Bacolod, Tacloban and Baguio. Part of the troupefs overseas repertoire included several Japanese folk dances and songs, and a Japanese drum performance.
In June 2002, the troupe was invited by then Philippine ambassador to Singapore, Jesus Yabes, to perform for the Philippine Independence day celebration. It was the first overseas performance of the troupe outside the Philippines and Japan. In March 2005, the troupe was invited to perform at the Philippine Culture Night sponsored by the Filipino Cornell Association of Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. The troupe also performed in Queens, New York City upon invitation of the Foundation for Filipino Artists shortly after that. In March this year, the troupe performed in Singapore again upon the invitation of the National University of Singapore. The troupe also performed at the RCBC Plaza in Makati in connection with the 50th anniversary of the friendship between the Philippines and Japan. This performance was sponsored by the Japanese embassy in Manila.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Philippine Cultural Dance Troupe

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