WCCES 2010, Istanbul
第14回 世界比較教育学会大会報告

Incredible Turkey Experience

 WCCES 2010, Istanbul: World Congress of Comparative Education Society, 14th WCCES was held in Istanbul from June 14-18th. It is well known that the members of society will meet in every three years for the World congress to interact the new prospects of international issues of education. As the 14th WCCES theme defines “Bordering, Re-bordering and New Possibilities in Education and Society”, it will look new prospects in global education arena.

 After the necessary preparation, we flew Turkey with our professor, Okada Akito, and the discussion was still going on board. The day after tomorrow I had my presentation. Since it was entirely my first experience participating these kinds of seminars and giving the presentation, I was quite excited and tensed too. My presentation was on June 16th on the topic “A review of policies in primary education in Nepal giving focus on education for minorities”, which is also a part of my master`s dissertation. I wrote my master`s dissertation on “A Review of Policies on Primary Education: Focusing on Education for Girls and Minorities”. It was a gathering of world renowned and famous personalities in the education field, especially in the field of comparative education, it was my great opportunity to participate and give presentation. The hall was full of audiences; my team was there watching me attentively. I was a bit nervous standing on the stage for the first time. Initially I was quite nervous, but as it went on my confidence grew up slowly. I want to talk and express myself more and more….... I was unaware and quite surprised to know about the interest of audiences about my country and my research.

 Turkey is a placed in third for its delicious food; Kebab, Stretchable Ice Cream, White Wine, etc. The yummy and delicious breakfast of different varieties of cheeses and Simit; circular bread with sesame seeds and yoghurt based Ayran is my best food during the visit. The world famous Mosques are all over the places.

 At last, the most significant and memorable thing I acquired from this is “the self confidence to express myself in the outer world”, which I can use in every steps of my life. The experience was awesome.

 Marvelous!!... my first experience is simple Aaahh…no more words to say!!

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies
Graduate School of Global Studies
Doctors Program, 1st year
Rita K.C.