Intruduction to Karema Village

  1. Administration
    A path to the Lake Tanganyika Karema is a historical village on the lakeshore of Tanganyika. In 1885 first Belgian Catholic missionaries have opened their basement. Before the arrival of missionaries, Karema was a tribal land of Bende people where was called [bhúlemá].

    Karema has the status of division (tarafa), and also ward (kata). Division of Karema holds Karema ward and Ikola ward. Karema ward holds three villages; Karema, Kapalamsenga and Itunya.

    Karema has division and ward office, police station, Health Centre and Post office. Furthermore there is a private dispensary of Catholic missionaries.

  2. History of Karema
    (in preparation...)

  3. History of Ikola
    Ikola is the neibouring village to Karema, which is only half an hour from Karema by car(***by kilometers?). The traditional name of this village is [ikô:la mye'gho'], which is derivated from the verb [kukô:la mye'gho'=to eviscerate the heart]. This village was used to be famous for the evil magics and many people had died by them. The name was after that, i.e. "the place where the heart is eviscerated".

  4. Roman Catholic Missionaries in Karema (1885-)
    (in preparation)
    The ruins of first missionaries

  5. Karema Health Centre
    Interview with Dr. Maurice B. Mageche of Karema Health Centre

    The number of beds: 12
    The number of medical doctors: 2
    Nurses: 9, medical workers: 3
    The number of patients: 300 - 50 / per day
    The number of patients is diversified, since many patients come to visit when new drug kids are distributed (on the first day of each month).
    Karema Health Center

    Main diseases in Karema

    bacillary dysentery

  6. Primary School -- Karema
    Interview with the president of Primary school - Karema: Mr. Mwaruvanda M.Y.

    The number of teachers: 11 (all males)
    The number of children registered

    The percentage of attendance (average): 75%
    The number of classrooms: 18

    Urgent problems for the school are following;
    [1] The lack of windows of classrooms.
    [2] The lack of teachers' room.
    [3] The lack of finishing materials of classrooms, i.e. paints and cements.
    [4] The shortage of chairs in classrooms.
    [5] The shortage of textbooks, especially for standardsIV-VII

    *** Photos from Karema ***

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