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The 8th CAAS Symposium (October 2017)

From October 21 to 22, 2017, Leiden University hosted the 8th international symposium organized by the "Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS)." CAAS is comprised of eight institutions including TUFS, which are world-leading institutions for research and education of Asian and African studies.
The symposium was held following the 7th symposium hosted by Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. Each institution of CAAS is obliged to host an annual symposium in turn. During the symposium, approximately 20 researchers from CAAS institutions (INALCO, SOAS, Columbia University, Leiden University, NUS, HUFS, SISU and TUFS) made presentations on their research, based on the theme of "Beyond the Nation? The Transnational and its Limits". From TUFS, two professors attended the symposium and two young researchers made presentations in the symposium. For the young researchers, it was valuable experience to meet top-level researchers and other young researchers from all over the world.

Date:October 21 to 22, 2017
Place:Leiden University, Netherlands
Program PDF is here.
TUFS presentation speakers

1. Banri Takemori (TUFS)
Inertia and the Other: Nagai Kafu's Furansu monogatari (French stories)

2. Koon Murakami (TUFS)
Moderate Globalization and Its Limits: Japan's Immigration Policy

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