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Photocopy&Book Loan Service

【Contact】 Information Service Section
 TEL:042-330-5196(Weekday 9:00-17:00) E-mail:tosho-joho@tufs.ac.jp


ILL (Inter Library Loan) is a mutual cooperation service, which enables you to photocopy or borrow materials belonging to other institutions.
You can get the materials from other institutions at the T.U.F.S. Library Service Counter.

※Please check whether the material you want to read is in our library or not.

  • Photocopying
    • You can photocopy the materials within the limitations of the Copyright Law of Japan.
      ○You can copy up to half pages of one volume.
      ○You can copy the whole article for periodicals.
       ※You cannot copy from the latest issue.
        Periodicals published at least three months before are available for this copying service.
         You cannot copy the materials in the event that the institution declines, even if you observe the above restrictions.

  • Book Loan   
    • You cannot borrow a journal with this service.
    • Some books are for in-library use only and prohibited from photocopying under the restrictions of the institutions that own them.
  • Application procedure
    • Online Service
      Enter your ICC ID and Password in the MyLibrary screen
      and click 【order】 you will find it under the [ Inter Library (photocopy / Loan) Request ].
      For those who don't have an ICC ID,
      please come to Service Counter on 2nd floor between 9:00 and 17:00 on Weekdays.
      We will give you a Library password to use with this service for people who don’t belong to TUFS.

      Please refer to MyLibrary help about operating instructions.
    • Service Counter
      You can find application forms on the rack next to the OPAC desk on the second floor.
      Fill out an application form following the sample and bring it to Service Counter.
  • Fees & Terms of the Loan Period
    • Fees
      You have to pay the cost of the expenses.
      It depends on the institution which owns of the materials whether you can use public funds.
      For more information, please read below.
      About the budget 予算について
    • Loan period
      It takes a few weeks to receive the materials.

      The loan period of the materials is decided by the institutions that own them.
      ※The lending rules of our library are not applied to this service.
  • About requests to other institutions (domestic)
    • If you can verify that a domestic library or institution has the book or journal in question using CiNii Books, write the book or journal’s information on an application form, and bring it to the Service counter.
    • (You don’t need to specify the institution.)
      If you can’t find the book or journal using CiNii Books, but you have confirmed that a domestic institution has it, then, write the institution’s name in remarks.

      ※TUFS university began a book loan service program between Fuchu city library and TUFS Library as of 2008/05/07. You have to pay the cost of the return postage.
      If you want to use the book loan service program, check the checkbox mark “ 府中市立図書館に依頼する(Request for the book loan service from Fuchu city library)” in the application form.
      ☆If you want to know the details, please click here.

  • Request destinations (Domestic) HP Online Catalogs The fees of book loan service Photocopy fees
    Universities and institutions click here! CiNii Books Round-trip fee 35~60 yen (per sheet) + Postage
    National Diet Library (NDL) click here! NDL OPAC Only return fee 25~yen (per sheet) + Package fee + Postage
    * The details are here
    Chinese thesis : Provided by NDL click here! CAJ(China Academic Journal Full-text Databases) Unavailable 21 yen (per sheet) + Package fee + Postage
    * The details are here

  • About requests to other institutions (international)
    • If you can’t find the book or journal in a domestic library or institution, check foreign libraries and institutions.
    • If you find the book or journal in a foreign library or institution, write the library or institution’s name on an application form.
      If you need to request the book loan service from the Library of other institutions except for these listed below, please ask the TUFS library’s ILL staff(tufs.lib-ill@tufs.ac.jp

      ※Regardless of whether the request destination is a domestic institution or an international one, the application form is same.
      ※The fees listed below are average rates, actual cost may vary. In some cases, a basic rate or handling charge is added. The postage also changes according to the weight of parcel or package.
      ※The British Library accepts individual requests for photocopies (Book loan service is not available). Check the homepages for the details of the fees.

  • Request destinations (International) HP Online Catalogs The fees of book loan service Photocopy fees
    North America click here!  World Cat The fee decided by the institution + The return fee The fee decided by the institution
    KERIS (Korea Education and Research Information Service) *1 click here! RISS *2 Unavailable About 300 yen ~
    * The details are here
    The British Library *3 click here! The British Library Integration Catalogue The brokerage fee + The return fee The brokerage fee + The copyright fee

    *1:About the payment of KERIS
      The amount is displayed in Korean won on KERIS website, but the payments are converted into Japanese yen.
    *2:How to use RISS
      1. Search for the material using RISS
      2. Click the material’s name in the search results (Titles of theses are not available).
      3. Click the holding library’s name and you will find the library’s URL. Search for the material using that library’s OPAC again.
      4. If you confirm the library has the material which you are looking for, check to see it the library is listed in “GIF Project Participants (http://etc.riss.kr/libn_ch/ill/nii_organ.jsp)” or not.
      5. Write the Library code (Six digits) in the remarks section.
      ※You can request photocopies and book loan services only for books and journals published in Korea.
    *3:About payments to The British Library.
      In the case of dollar based fees, Kinokuniya company Ltd (An agency) will send a bill to the TUFS library (The bill is converted at the average rate of the Japanese yen in that month).
      So, we can’t tell you what the exact price will be when you request these services.