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Floor Guide

The Library has four floors, and the arrangement of books/materials, facilities, and equipment on each floor is as indicated in the following figure.

Clicking on the floor number will show the arrangement of stacks on that floor. (Japanese)

Floor Arrangement of materials Facilities, equipment, etc.
4F Books in foreign languages other than English Reading Room, TUFS-Learning Commons(@Lab), Group Study Room, Consultation Desk, Information Collaboration Center Counter and PC area
3F Paperbacks
Japanese and English book Reading Room, Lounge, and Private Studies
2F Reference books (Japanese and foreign), magazines, and newspapers Reading Rooms, Service Counter, Main Entrance, Browsing Hall, Refresh Corner, catalogues, copying machines, microfilm readers/printers, and information search terminals
1F Foreign magazines Entrance, Gallery, Reading Room
Stack Room
Level 1
Books in foreign languages other than English and Kyu-bunrui collection Stack Rooms
Stack Room
Level 2
Japanese and English books, Japanese and Chinese, Korean magazines, university bulletins, books owned by Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa, etc. Stack Rooms

★All Library users are required to have good manners.★

* Eating and smoking are prohibited in this library.
* Beverages and the use of mobile phone are permitted only at the Refresh Corner on 2F.

Facilities in Library

A Campus Card is needed to enter the Library. In principle, all materials in the Library are on open-access shelves. Visitors can freely use materials for reading, study, and other purposes.

The Library has stack rooms on the first floor. These rooms can also be used without having to complete any procedures. You need to operate electric-powered stacks in order to access materials. Read the posted instructions for information on how to operate them.

The Library also has the following facilities and equipment. It should be noted that some equipment requires users to complete prescribed procedures each time they use them.

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 Computers installed in Information Collaboration Center (4/2F)
Computers are available in part of the area on the second floor where information search terminals are installed, as well as in the Reading Room, and TUFS-Learning Commons(@Lab) for information search and document creation.
These computers are installed and operated by the University’s Information Collaboration Center. Inquiries about how to use them, trouble-shooting and an account set etc., will be accepted at the reception desk of the Information Collaboration Center located next to the elevator on the fourth floor.
Private Studies(3F) / Group Study Room(4F)
Private Studies / Group Study Room are available for TUFS students and personnel. A completed application form must be submitted to the 2F Service Counter when wishing to use them. Those who wish to use them should show their Campus Card and complete the prescribed procedures at the 2F Service Counter.
TUFS-Learning Commons(@Lab)(4F)
TUFS-Learning Commons(@Lab)contains group work area, PC area and Consultation Desk.

・ group work area:This area is equipped with movable desks and white boards so that you can freely create study spcaces. You can work together with your friends.

・ PC area:You can use PCs of Information Collaboration Center(ICC).
・ Consultation Desk:If you find any difficulties with your studies,
  our graduate students (consultants) are available
  to support you with finding resources and writing a good thesis.
※ Consultation Desk's HP is here(Japanese Only).
 Lounge (3F)
Please use this area when you want to take a break from studying. Eating and drinking, however, or using a mobile phone are prohibited in all areas in the Library, including the Lounge. Refrain from doing so because it bothers other users.

 Microfilm Readers/Printers (2F)
Microfilm readers/printers are available in the Reading Room on the second floor. In principle, these machines can be used to view and print microfilms owned by the Library. Apply to the Service Counter on the second floor when you want to use them. Prescribed fees [Members:20yen/sheet][Visitors:35yen/sheet] will be charged for printing.
 Browsing Hall (2F)
Recently published newspapers and magazines are available in the Browsing Hall. Eating, drinking, and using a mobile phone in all areas in the Library, including the Browsing Hall, are prohibited. Follow the rules when you use the Browsing Hall.
 Catalogues (2F)
The Library’s card catalogues, book search terminals, and other facilities are located along the wall next to the Service Counter.

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 Copying machines (2F)
Two copying machines based on the prepaid card system and one coin-operated copying machine are available on the second floor. Purchase a prepaid card through the vending machine installed in the area or at the University Coop’s store in the University Hall. Prepaid cards cannot be purchased at the Service Counter, and no money changing is available.
Copying machines are only for Library holding materials, not for private papers. Please check here.
 Information Search Terminals (2F)
The Library has two types of information search terminals as follows:
Internet-ready terminals
These terminals allow users to use the Internet in order to view websites and use search engines. Since the number of terminals is limited, when they are crowded use them efficiently while considering the persons waiting.
Book search terminals
These terminals are dedicated to search for books owned by the Library. Refer to Registration conditions of Shin-bunrui Books to see whether the book is searchable by OPAC or not. For detailed information on how to use them, see the manual available in the booths
*Book search terminals are also located on the 3F, 1F and Stack Rooms (Levels 2).
 Stack Rooms (Levels 1 and 2)
The Stack Rooms have electric-powered stacks. Turning on the switch automatically moves the stacks. When using the stacks, be careful to confirm that there is no other user in the aisles.

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The following are related facilities other than the Library. Follow the regulations of the respective facilities when using them.

 Center for Support of Multimedia and Computer-aided Education (Research and Lecture Building)
University students and personnel can use the Center for Support of Multimedia and Computer-aided Education. Various kinds of audio-visual materials, audio-visual equipment, Internet terminals, and other types of equipment are available. For details, click here.
 Research Institute for Languages and Cultures of Asia and Africa (ILCAA) Document Room (1F, ILCAA Building)
Materials not owned by the Library (including reference books, magazines, and rare books) are available for perusal. University students and personnel can use the library without having to follow prescribed procedures. For details, click here.

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