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Language and Subject classification table for Kyu-bunrui collection

"Kyu-bunrui"collection is made up of materials entried before 1962. These materials are also classified and shelved according to the language and subject classification table as follows. "Kyu-bunrui" collection is not registerd in OPAC(Online Public Access Catalog) . So please check by the card catalog index.

Language classification table Subject classification table
E English I Dictionaries. Encyclopedias
F French II Linguistics
G German III Literature
R Russian IV History. Geography
I Italian V Philosophy. Religion. Education. Society. Psychology
S Spanish VI Political science. Law
P Portuguese VII Industry and commerce. Economics. Public finance.Statistics
D Dutch VIII Technology. Engineering. Medical sciences
MA Malay, Indonesian IX The arts. Natural science. Sports and physical training. General collections
HN Hndi, Urdu X Reports. Yearbooks. Periodicals. Newspapers. Others
C Chinese
MO Mongolian
J Japanese
K Korean
M Others (Arabic, etc)