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10:30-12:00, Friday, 9th March 2018
LingDy Forum: Talk on Turkish Sign Language
14:00-18:15, Thursday, 8th March 2018
AA-Ken Forum Talk: Farewell Talk
14:00-17:00, Tuesday, 6th March 2018
Lectures on migrants from Xinjiang in Turkey
10:30-17:50, 3rd March, 10:40-17:30, 4th March 2018
International Symposium "Current Topics in Turkic Linguistics" / The 3rd meeting, ILCAA Joint Research Project "Aspects of Agglutination in Turkic Languages: An Integrated Approach of Phonology, Morphosyntax and Semantics"
10:00-17:30, Saturday, 3rd March 2018
Middle East and Islamic Studies International Workshop "Emigrants/Muhacir from Central Asia to Middle East: Xinjiang case during 1940-50s"
13:30-18:00, Saturday, 24th February 2018
Role of formulaic expressions in grammar and language use
13:30-17:00, Saturday, 17th Feb 2018
ILCILCAA Joint Research Project "Construction of Method of Studies on Asian Scripts 1", Workshop "Studies on the Script of Tibeto-Burman Languages"
12:50-18:30, Saturday, 17th February 2018
Fraternization and Boundary: Feast, Drinking, Speech Act in East Eurasia
15:00-18:00, Friday, 16 February 2018
The 2nd Colloquium on the Field Science: Fieldwork on Fieldwork
15:30-17:30, Wednesday, 14th February 2018
Translation of " The Tale of Genji " in France
10:30-15:30, 13th-14th February 2018
Field Linguistics Workshop: Grammatical Studies Workshops 13: Introduction to Researching Grammar in Conversation
13:30-17:20, Sunday, 11th February 2018
Follow-up meeting on ILC 2011 (Sibe) / The 7th meeting on Sibe language and linguistics
16:30-19:00, Sunday, 4th February 2018
Workshop: Early Photography in Iran
14:00-17:00, Saturday, 3rd February 2018
Workshop: After the "Refugee Crisis" in Europe: The case of Germany
Friday, 2nd February-Saturday, 3rd February 2018
Open to the NEXT STAGE- PCS Alumni talk about their career
13:00-16:15, Friday, 2nd February 2018
SEMINAR - English Presentation Skills for International Academic Conferences
14:00-19:00, Tuesday, 30th January 2018
Workshop "Jews and the Center/Margin of the Contemporary Society"
30th January-11th March 2018(Closed: Sat & Sun, *11th March will be open.)
Photo exhibition from Malta "EXODUS ACROSS THE MEDITERRANEAN"
13:00-18:00, Monday, 29th January 2018
Re-examining Global Capitalism from the Perspective of Afro-Japanese Relations : Land, Space and Modernity
9:00-12:30, Friday, 26th January 2018
Remembering Village after 50 Years: Reconsidering an Ethnography by the late Professor Tadahiko Hara
13:30-17:30, Thursday, 25th January 2018
Field Linguistics Workshop: Grammatical Studies Workshops 12: Locative verbs
13:00-17:00, Saturday, 20th January 2018
Fieldnet Lounge Seminar 2017 Open spaces for "food" and "agriculture" created through bottom-up activities by local residents: Methodology to find and analyze the spaces
16:00-17:30, Friday, 19th January 2018(Doors open at 15:50)
Japanese lecture with simultaneous interpreting "Update on the EU and EU-Japan Relations"
18:00-20:00, Friday, 19th January 2018
Miike: A legacy to Japan's Social History
13:00-17:00, Thursday, 18th January 2018
Colonial Eyes on Indigenous Peoples: Discourses , Representations, Practices
14:00-16:30, 18th January 2017
Institute-wide Research Program "Establishment of a New Cooperative Research System for Solving Contemporary Problems in Asia and Africa", the 2nd Meeting.
17:45-19:00, 15th January 2018
From the Gate to the Railing: Changing Iconographies of Power in Meiji Japan
21-19th December 2017
A Research on Varieties of Malayic Languages (The 3rd meeting) / International Workshop "Varieties of Malayic Languages"
17:00-18:00,19th December 2017
CAAS: Red Cross Nurses in the Battlefield
13:00‐16:00, Wednesday, 6th December, 2017
Field linguistics workshop: Technical workshop: Field note taking (1): Research purposes and field note

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