Open meeting: ILCAA Joint Research Project "Aspects of Agglutination in Turkic Languages: An Integrated Approach of Phonology, Morphosyntax and semantics", The 2nd meeting

14:00-18:00, Saturday, 7th October 2017

Date/Time Sat 7 Oct 2017 14:00 - 18:00
Venue Room 303, ILCAA
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Program 1) 14:00-15:10 Kentaro SUGANUMA (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyushu University)
"A Preliminary Study on Prosodic Typology of Turkic Languages"
2) 15:20-16:30 Shiho NITTA (ILCAA Joint Researcher)
"Participle in Modern Uyghur : from the perspective of accent"
3) 16:40-17:50 Noriko OSAKI (ILCAA Joint Researcher, Kyoto University)
"Some research notes on the auxiliary verbs in Turkic languages"
4) 17:50-18:00 Kumiko SATO (ILCAA Joint Researcher, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics)
"Some discussion on the next international symposium"
Commentators: Tomoyuki KUBO (Kyushu University), Hideki TSUKAMOTO (Ehime University), Setsu FUJISHIRO (Kobe City College of Nursing)
Languages Japanese
Admission Free
No pre-registration is needed.
Organized by Linguistic Dynamics Science 3 (LingDy3)
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