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Spanish Studies

About Us

There are over 350 million Spanish speakers in more than 20 countries and regions around the world, including Spain and Latin America. Spain, the first country to preside over EU after its integration; and the Latin American countries, which have proven that they are on par with the US politically through the Organization of American States (OAS); have raised the importance of the Spanish-speaking world internationally. On the other hand, societies in these countries are also very varied. In Spain, languages like Catalan and Basque have preserved their uniqueness together with their respective cultures, while in Latin America, the language and culture of the indigenous people and Spanish-speaking society have interacted to form a many-layered culture.

On the cultural front, Spanish literature from “Don Quixote” to modern writers such as Jorge Luis Borges and Gabriel Garci'a Ma'rquez, philosophy, religion, art, music, architecture, and more recently films, dance, soccer, cuisine, fashion, festivals, and other areas, are drawing international attention. Any one of these aspects of colorful Spanish culture should be interesting for students to study at the University.

San Isidro Festival, Madrid

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Our objective is for our students to be able to study on their own using Spanish. For the first two years, 2 out of the 6 lessons on the Major Language are with native speakers, where the latest textbooks published in Spain are used with the aim of building up the students’ ability to think and speak. Of the remaining 4 lessons, 2 are conducted by our staff using grammar textbooks they have created to help students build up their foundation in grammar efficiently and quickly, and to acquire the ability to write effectively in Spanish. In addition, we also emphasize reading comprehension skills so that our students can read and understand a variety of texts from their own perspective.

>Dali Museum, Figueres, Catalunya

Careers After Graduation

Our students are employed in a wide variety of fields such as finance, manufacturing and trading. Below is a list of the major companies 2004 graduates have found jobs in:
Finance: UFJ Bank, Daiwa Securities SMBC, Shinsei Bank. Manufacturing: Brother Industries, Kenwood, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries, Toyota Motors, Honda Motors,

Yokohama Rubber, Yamaha, Mizuno. Trading: Mitsubishi Corporation, All Nippon Airlines Corporation, Itochu Marubeni Steel, Sumisho Machinery Trade Corporation. Transportation: All Nippon Airlines, Nippon Express, Kyowa Shipping, Nippon Cargo Airlines. Publishing: International Press Japan. Others: Prince Hotels, Travel Planning, Secom, Sega Amusement. Government Ministries: Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Specialized Duties). Tokyo Medical andDental University, graduate schools.

City Street in Caracas, Venezuela


TATEISHI, Hirotaka Professor History of modern Spain; Reforms in the enlightenment and liberalism; Relations between state, church and society; Building of nation state
TAKAGAKI, Toshihiro Professor Morphological and syntactic studies of Spanish
KAWAKAMI, Shigenobu Associate Professor Hispanic linguistics; Functional syntax of modern Spanish; Spanish phonology
YANAGIHARA, Takaatsu Associate Professor Literature, thought and culture of Spanish-speaking countries
UKEDA, Hiroyuki Associate Professor  
KUME, Junko Lecturer Art History (Spanish Medieval Art)
CARRANZA DIEZ, Mario Visiting Lecturer Spanish language
ROMERO MORENO, Helena Visiting Associate Lecturer Spanish language