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Portuguese Studies

About Us

Portuguese is a language spoken by approximately 170 million people around the world, mainly in Portugal and Brazil, and in some African countries such as the Republic of Cape Verde, the Republic of Guinea Bissau, the Democratic Republic of Sa~o Tome and Principe, Angola and Mozambique. There are approximately 32 million Portuguese speakers in Africa. Portuguese is also official language in East Timor.
In this sense, Portuguese is truly a language with a rich linguistic heritage, being spoken on the four continents of Europe, Africa , Asia and Latin America.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Students spend the first two years on intensive language
learning. The focus of the third year then moves from language to discipline-related seminars. As the program is designed such that students can choose the themes and interests they wish to pursue, a wide variety of topics such as Brazilian and Portuguese societies, economics, politics and history, as well as Portuguese language and literature, cultural studies and development assistance in the Portuguese-speaking world are available for them to choose from. The teaching staff members in charge of language classes for fresh year students are specialists in the fields of Portuguese and Brazilian language and literature, Brazilian Studies and African politics.

Careers After Graduation

After graduation, our students move on to a variety of jobs such as in manufacturing or trading companies which have business dealings with Portuguese-speaking countries, or become teachers or civil servants. Recently, with the rise in the number of Brazilians living in Japan, the demand for Portuguese has increased in areas where relatively large communities of Brazilians can be found.

In recent years, some of our students have gone on to graduate schools to carry out research on the educational problems faced by children of Japanese-Brazilian descent. Come and learn Portuguese, and open up the doors to your future!


KUROSAWA, Naotoshi Professor Portuguese linguistics; Text criticism in medieval Portuguese
TAKEDA, Chika Associate Professor Brazilian literature
SUZUKI, Shigeru Professor History of modern and contemporary Brazil
FUNADA-CLASSEN, Sayaka Associate Professor African contemporary history (Armed conflict in Mozambique, peace and history)
PICHITELLI, Eliseu Visiting Associate Professor Portugese
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