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Polish Studies

About Us

Set up in April 1991, the TUFS Polish Major is the first educational institution in Japan to specialize in Polish and Polish culture and is currently the only such course among the national universities. It is something that both students and staff feel a small sense of pride and joy in. As budding Polonistas (experts in Polish studies) in a country which still does not have many of them, students who wish to major in Polish are expected to have sufficient knowledge of not only the language, but also of Polish history, traditions, culture and daily life. At the same time, like their counterparts in other languages, students can also learn about Polish linguistics, literature, history, international politics, economics and other areas which interest them or will prepare them for their careers in future. To put it clearly,
“a Polish-speaking specialist in … ” is what we hope our students will become.

Every year among our new students there are some Chopin fans. However, besides music, there are also many Poles, in the past as well as the present, who are active in various fields such as literature, movies, drama and art. We welcome anyone who intends to make use of their Polish ability to explore and introduce Polish culture, or anyone who wishes to use the language in a more practical way, to explore the opportunities available now that Poland has become a member of Europe after joining the EU and trade with Japan has seen sudden growth in recent years.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

A modular system for the language component is adopted (all lessons are conducted for half a year), and 35 lessons based on content (grammar, communication, presentation, essays, reading comprehension, listening comprehension, translation) and difficulty level are taught each year. New students start with 5 lessons (of 90-min each) of intensive study per week. Out of the 5 lessons, 4 are conducted by native Polish speakers, while the remaining one lesson is grammar explanation conducted in Japanese. However, we only use the textbook “Smile, Polish”, which is developed by our staff. The staff teaches the foundations of grammar and communication while communicating with each other on a frequent basis. In this way, after picking up the necessary skills within the first two years, students move on to choose more advanced classes based on their interests and needs.

Careers After Graduation

Post-graduate studies: Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo University, Yokohama University, etc.

Main employment destinations (companies and government bodies not in alphabetical order):
All Japan Seamen's Union, NTT, Dai Nippon Printing Co., Glaxo International, A&I System, Meiji University Library, Fujita Corporation, Isuzu Motors, NHK, Totsu Sangyo Co., Nihon Dantai Life Insurance, CAC, Fair Trade Commission, Flex Co, Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank, National Diet Library, Takasaki Municipal Office, Kanagawa Prefectural Government, JALUX, Toyota Motor, Yamaha, Kanehara & Co, Jusco, Kanematsu Corporation, Embassy of Poland, Bic Camera, Nagatanien, Mitsui Sumitomo Bank, Hitachi, Otsuka Corporation, NHK Cultural Center, Hirose Electric Co., Fujita Kanko Inc., Soka Gakkai, Chronix, Hamagomu Aicom Inc., The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TYK, Japan Red Cross, Idea Institute, Flandre Co., Honyaku Shuppan-sha Ltd., Convbex, Nomura Trading Co., NEC Logistics, Metropolitan Police Department, Yamaichi Securities, Overseas Air Cargo, Okamura Corporation, Kanebo, Mazda Motor Corporation, Suzuki Motor Corporation, Wacoal Corporation, Orix, YKK, Volkswagen, USEN Corporation, Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Kobelco Construction Machinery Co., Sanden Corporation, Summit, JCB, World Air-Sea Service, Kirin Beverage, Odakyu Hotels and Resorts, Nomura Securities, Hitachi Technical Communications, etc.


ISHII, Tetsushiro Professor Polish philology; Russian philology; Contrastive
SEKIGUCHI, Tokimasa Professor History of Polish culture and literature; Formation of Poles' self-image; Originality of Cracow culture in the 19th and 20th centuries
MALEJKA, Jagna Katarzyna Visiting Associate Professor Polish linguistics
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