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Korean Studies

About Us

The TUFS Korean Major is one of the few universities in Japan which allows students to carry out specialized research on various disciplines regarding the Korean peninsula. Not only do students get to develop their ability to use the Korean language, they can also carry out in-depth research on Korean from a linguistic point of view as well as studies in Korean history and culture. All our teacher staff stand at the forefront of Korean research in Japan. In addition, there is also a graduate school for Korean studies in TUFS, thereby providing a high level of Korean studies right up to the graduate level. With such a conducive research environment, TUFS serves as an important base for Korean studies not only in Japan but also in the world.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

During the first two years, students take six lessons (90min per lesson) of Korean language per week. As the instructors responsible for these lessons constantly keep in contact with one another and conduct the lessons structurally, students can learn the language smoothly. Three out of the six language lessons are taught by native speaking staff, giving our students an excellent opportunity to experience real Korean as used by Koreans. In the third and fourth years, students can also look forward to a simulated overseas study experience because there are lessons conducted entirely in Korean. In addition, students can also communicate with over 100 foreign students studying at TUFS anytime. TUFS is a university which provides a wonderful environment for students to learn Korean accurately and make use of it here and now.

Careers After Graduation

Graduates of the Major either move on to find employment or progress to graduate school. Major industries in which graduates have found employment include banking, mass communications, telecommunications, transportation, manufacturing, education and high-technology. Many of our students are also working in Korea.

As for post-graduate studies, students who wish to study the Korean language move on to the graduate school here in TUFS, while others go on to Tokyo University, Hitotsubashi University, Yokohama National University, Tokyo Metropolitan University and Keio University. The majority of TUFS post-graduate students are researchers teaching at various universities across Japan.


IKARASHI, Koichi Associate Professor Korean linguistics
CHO, Eui-sung Associate Professor Korean linguistics
NIWA, Izumi Professor Sociology of religion; Religions in Korea
(shamanism, new religions)
KIM, Chongdok Visiting Associate Professor Korean
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