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Italian Studies

About Us

TUFS is one of a very small number of universities in Japan which allows students to major in Italian from the first year. After acquiring the basics of the language―the starting point to knowing everything about Italy―students can then move on to study linguistics, literature, art, culture or history broadly or in greater depth. We welcome those who would like to further satisfy their interest in Italy and to understand the country in a deeper way.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

Students concentrate on picking up the basics of Italian grammar during the first semester of their first year, then move on to read a variety of texts in order to strengthen their foundation from the second semester onward. In the second year, under the twin aims of foundation strengthening and introduction to academic studies, they will read academic texts in the various specialized areas of our staff to prepare themselves for specialized studies from the third year. In addition, they also learn communicative Italian through mandatory lessons taught by Italian lecturers from the first year to graduation.

Careers After Graduation

Although many students find employment in the travel and import-export industries, many others also find employment in other industries. On the other hand, there are also many students who proceed on to graduate schools to major in modern Italian culture and literature.


WADA, Tadahiko Professor Modern & contemporary Italian literature; Theory of literature & arts
HAYASHI, Kazuhiro Associate Professor Italian literature
YAMAMOTO, Shinji Associate Professor Italian linguistics; Italian dialectology
RIZZANTE,Massimo Visiting professor