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Indonesian Studies

About Us

Indonesia, a huge country of over 200 million people, is made up of more than 17,000 islands which stretch from East to West, equaling almost the width of the United States of America. It boasts a rich and diverse culture cultivated over many years of history and deep ties with Japan across many fields. Learning Indonesian is therefore a meaningful enterprise for both now and the future.

The Indonesian major accepts 18 students a year. As a result, students can learn about the Indonesian language and society in a privileged environment that is only possible with small class sizes under the close supervision of lecturers. Although many universities offer Indonesian classes, what makes TUFS stand out is the fact that Indonesian language and area studies are pursued intensively as a major here.

Characteristics of the Curriculum

During the first two years, intensive language training is offered. In the first year, we use materials that are specially designed to help our students learn effectively the basics of the language from the elementary stage. In the second year, we improve students' proficiency by providing a balanced syllabus of conversation, reading comprehension and essay writing. We have adopted a modular system for the language component, thus enabling our students to progress flexibly and effectively based on their own study plans.

In addition to language classes, students also deepen their understanding of the Indonesian region through classes on Indonesian history, culture and society.

During the third and fourth years, students make use of the methodology as well as proficiency in the language and knowledge of the region they have learned to carry out in-depth research on a topic of their choice.

Careers After Graduation

After graduation, our students have found employment in various sectors such as government ministries, manufacturing, trading, finance, mass communications and service industries. While there are some who make use of the language in their work, there are also others who don't. However, every one of them is making use of what they have learnt here and contributing to society.


FURIHATA Masashi Associate Professor Indonesian linguistics; Sundanese linguistics
青山 亨 Professor Indonesian culture
RAKHMAT SOLEH Visiting Associate Professor Indonesian language
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